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Tell me where are you from without telling me

Through the interplay of various media, lines act as silent storytellers, intricately weaving through each piece and guiding viewers on a profound journey of introspection and emotional discovery. The inclusion of pyala tea cup elements enriches the artworks, creating a reflective and transformative experience that honors the cultural tradition of the tea ceremony. The ritual of drinking hot beverages, whether tea or coffee, serves as a powerful connector of people, offering moments of shared warmth and camaraderie.

As a Kazakhstani-born artist now living in Finland, I find a deep personal connection to both cultures through these concepts. Each type of cup—be it a Central Asian piyala or a Finnish IIttala muki—carries cultural significance, allowing us to identify and appreciate the unique heritage it represents. In Finland, the tradition of coffee culture has offered me a new perspective on connection and hospitality, resonating with my own cultural practices from Kazakhstan.

This series celebrates these universal themes of connection, hospitality, and the comforting warmth inherent in human interactions. It is a testament to the beauty of cultural codes and traditions, highlighting how they not only distinguish us but also bring us closer together through shared experiences and mutual respect. By integrating elements of the Kazakh pyala and Finnish coffee culture, my artworks strive to bridge these two worlds, illustrating the remarkable ways in which cultural traditions can unite us across different backgrounds.

D03D464E-8983-4EDA-892C-50FCDEAE0911-765-00000BF802D07F87 2.jpg

"Game On" mixed media, 120x150cm, 2024

4672F02E-F1B1-43BF-83C4-52CE7DF6F0A4-765-00000BF7DCF51311 2.jpg

"Aamu" mixed media, 100x120cm, 2024

838C7667-E335-4C49-9B8B-1C48E65288D5-765-00000BF7F0ACE2D2 2.jpg

"Kesä" mixed media, 100x120cm, 2024


"Piyala vibing" mixed media, 100x120cm, 2024

E0BFE886-53EA-42E4-9F21-82100A5B7C69-765-00000BF7F8C1FBC6 2.jpg

"Korisu" mixed media, 80x100cm, 2024

3ECDF8CC-6033-4ECC-A79A-29CA1AF6C7AA-765-00000BF7E9C16890 2.jpg

"5 o'clock" mixed media, 80x100cm, 2024

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