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"Entity AR" Exhibition

Media used: Procreate, Blender, Spark AR, Instagram
The timing of this exhibition was particularly poignant as it unfolded amidst the challenges of a global pandemic. The artist's urge to share and connect with the audience led to the creating of an Augmented Reality (AR) gallery corner, becoming a digital bridge to a world that yearned for artistic solace. This digital dimension added an entirely new layer to the perception of paintings.

Through the integration of figurative art and augmented reality, the exhibition addressed the emotional reflections on isolation, offering a lifeline of connection. Each visitor experienced a different "fourth wall," with unique sensory dimensions, including smells and sounds, elevating the immersive experience to unparalleled heights.

"Entity" was more than an art exhibition; it was a sensory journey that invited viewers to explore the unity of forms and emotions in an abstract and chaotic world using an AR mask in Instagram. It redefined the boundaries of traditional art presentation and became a beacon of connection during Covid-19 times.

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Digital Illustrations

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