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Tengri Umai Gallery
Almaty, Kazakhstan

16.02- 27.02.2016

"Corner of Curiosity"


Kuralay Meirbekova's "Corner of Curiosities" invites viewers to explore the evolving creativity of a young artist as she navigates the multifaceted world of art, transforming traditional ideas of curiosity cabinets into a vivid reflection of her own emotional and experiential explorations.

"The Moment" Oil Pastels, 25x25 cm 2014

"Ray" Oil Pastels, charcoal 21x15 cm 2014

"Delight" Oil Pastels, acrylic paint 30x30 cm 2014

"Silencio" Acrylic paint, charcoal 24x24 cm 2014

"Say Goodbye" Oil Pastels, 40x50 cm 2015

"Light my fire" Oil Pastels, acrylic paint 40x50 cm 2014

"1Q85" Oil Pastels, 30x30 cm 2013

"Mix it up" Photo collage, acrylic paint 30x21 cm 2012


"Lemon" Oil pastels, acrylic paint 30x30 cm 2014

"Dream" Oil pastels 25x22 cm 2014

Creamy Dream.jpg

"Creamy Dream" Oil pastels/acrilycs 70x50 cm 2015


"Lunchbreak at the park" Oil pastels 50x40 cm 2015


"Lost&Found" Oil pastels/acrilycs 70x70 cm 2015


"LG" Oil pastels/acrilycs 70x50 cm 2015

"Triptych" Oil pastels/acrilycs 30x20 cm 2012

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Special Thanks to 

Art Curators: Aigerim Kapar & Dilda Ramazan

Tengri-Umai Galery, Vladimir Filatov

"Kuralay Meirbekova's personal exhibition, "Corner of Curiosities," offers a unique perspective on the creative journey of a novice artist. While established artists may search for new ideas, emerging artists like Kuralay are primarily on a quest to discover their artistic identity. This exploration often leads them to explore various subjects and styles, and Kuralay is no exception.

The central theme of Kuralay's exhibition is her interpretation of a "corner of curiosities," a concept traditionally associated with cabinets of curiosities filled with rare and intriguing objects. However, In Kuralay's corner, the focus shifts from physical trinkets to the results of her creative interest. Her artwork becomes a repository of emotions and experiences that evoke curiosity and the desire for knowledge in the viewer.

At first glance, Kuralay's art may appear to share deeply personal and intimate experiences. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that her paintings are not just about her but also about the viewer. Themes such as love, loneliness, melancholy, and the joy of life are universal, and every person, regardless of age, can find elements of their own experiences reflected in Kuralay's work."

Curator text by Dilda Ramazan

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