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"The Moment" Oil Pastels, 25x25 cm 2014

"Ray" Oil Pastels, charcoal 21x15 cm 2014

"Delight" Oil Pastels, acrylic paint 30x30 cm 2014

"Silencio" Acrylic paint, charcoal 24x24 cm 2014

"Say Goodbye" Oil Pastels, 40x50 cm 2015

"Light my fire" Oil Pastels, acrylic paint 40x50 cm 2014

"1Q85" Oil Pastels, 30x30 cm 2013

"Mix it up" Photo collage, acrylic paint 30x21 cm 2012

"Shots" Photo collage, acrylic paint 30x30 cm 2012

"Dream" Oil pastels 25x22 cm 2014

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