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Asbestos Art Space

Helsinki, Finland

11.07- 19.07.2017

One-Line Stories"

Solo Exhibition

This exhibition's heart is a profound exploration of female nature. The artist has captured the external beauty of the female form and has ventured deep into the complex and diverse internal "universe" of emotions and thoughts that shape our human experiences. One-line drawing, seamlessly integrated with acrylic paint, creates a vibrant, evocative, and thought-provoking visual language that engages the viewer on multiple levels. These pieces invite you to contemplate the intricate and multifaceted aspects of human nature.

Beyond exploring femininity, these works narrate a poignant story about the importance of human tactile connections. They beautifully illustrate how gentle touches and embraces have the power to heal and nurture the human spirit. Each stroke of the artist's brush underscores the significance of these connections, reminding us of the profound impact they can have on our lives. 

"1.01" Acrylic paint, Ink 30x21 cm 2016

"On the beach" Acrylic paint 21x15cm 2016

"Monstera muse" Acrylic paint, Ink 21x15 cm 2016


"Red lipstick" Acrylic paint 21x15 cm 2017


"Wings" Acrylic paint, Ink 40x30 cm 2016


"Re" Acrylic paint 21x15 cm 2016


"Strong wave" Acrylic paint 21x15 cm 2017


"Flow" Acrylic paint, Ink 21x15 cm 2016


"Kanel" Acrylic paint, Ink 21x15 cm 2017

Photographs from the gallery

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