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Kuralay Meirbekova creates engaging images that capture the many nuances of human expression. Her superior one-line drawing techniques and use of mixed media are propelled by her unique artistic vision and versatility. Kuralay’s subjects convey a broad spectrum of raw emotions, experiences, and states of mind from deep contemplation and vulnerability to love, intimacy and ecstasy. Her art makes an immediate visceral impact and continues to engage us as the narratives unfold.

Inimitable style includes a diverse repertoire of enlivened line work and contrasting painterly brushstrokes with many dabs, contours and delineations. She is innovative in her use of color to heighten an emotive response. Her ability to employ line with brevity, clarity and confidence is attributed to having extensive training in architecture. It has informed her art with a proficiency in adapting composition, space, and structural elements with spontaneity and freedom of expression.

Kuralay’s art exposes those feelings that may otherwise remain hidden or unexpressed and viewing her art aids us in confronting them and improving our personal growth.



  • 2010 - 2013: The University of Liverpool, BA in Architecture

  • January 2010 - August 2010: Bellerbys College London, Foundation in Art and Design



April, 2021 - "Jaman Öner" VR Group Exhibition

June, 2018 - "Next Reality" Group Exhibition at Expo Astana, Kazakhstan

May, 2018 - "Entity" Solo Exhibition, Third Space, Helsinki, Finland   

December, 2017 - "Time&Astana", Group exhibition at the National Museum of Kazakhstan. 

October, 2017 - "Movement", Group exhibition during FemF, an annual feminist forum in Helsinki, Finland

July, 2017 - "One-line stories", Solo exhibition at Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki, Finland

July, 2016  –  “Fascination for Biodiversity”, an Environmental  Exhibition at Kivinokka, Helsinki, Finland


April, 2016  –  AAVE Festival at the Night of the Beamers.  Presented animated stop-motion video "Step Beyond", Helsinki, Finland



Feburary, 2016  –  First Solo Exhibition “Corner of curiosities”, Almaty, Kazakhstan


November, 2015  –  Group Exhibition for raising awareness to AIDS “Always life”, Almaty, Kazakhstan


October, 2015 –  Group Exhibition “Zhastar” , Almaty, Kazakhstan

July, 2015  –  Light Installation for “Astana Art Fest”, Astana, Kazakhstan 

May, 2015  –  Light Installation for “Art of You” exhibition, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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