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I am a mixed-media artist from Kazakhstan based in Helsinki. My artistic journey is a dedicated exploration of human emotions, utilizing abstract figurative paintings as a medium for expression. Through an intuitive combination of acrylic, ink, and oil pastels, I strive for compositions that delve into the complex interplay of form and feeling.

Lines, presented in various forms, act as silent storytellers in my work, weaving through diverse mediums—be it installations, textile art, or traditional paintings. Process starts with an idea, shaping the subsequent choice of materials. The ultimate objective is to engage viewers in a reflective dialogue, encouraging them to explore their own emotional realms through the lens of my creations.




  • 2010 - 2013: The University of Liverpool, BA in Architecture

  • January 2010 - August 2010: Bellerbys College London, Foundation in Art and Design



12 October- 02 November 2023 G.A.P Window Exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

April, 2021 - "Jaman Öner" VR Group Exhibition

June, 2018 - "Next Reality" Group Exhibition at Expo Astana, Kazakhstan

May, 2018 - "Entity" Solo Exhibition, Third Space, Helsinki, Finland   

December, 2017 - "Time&Astana", Group exhibition at the National Museum of Kazakhstan. 

October, 2017 - "Movement", Group exhibition during FemF, an annual feminist forum in Helsinki, Finland

July, 2017 - "One-line stories", Solo exhibition at Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki, Finland

July, 2016  –  “Fascination for Biodiversity”, an Environmental  Exhibition at Kivinokka, Helsinki, Finland


April, 2016  –  AAVE Festival at the Night of the Beamers.  Presented animated stop-motion video "Step Beyond", Helsinki, Finland



Feburary, 2016  –  First Solo Exhibition “Corner of curiosities”, Almaty, Kazakhstan


November, 2015  –  Group Exhibition for raising awareness to AIDS “Always life”, Almaty, Kazakhstan


October, 2015 –  Group Exhibition “Zhastar” , Almaty, Kazakhstan

July, 2015  –  Light Installation for “Astana Art Fest”, Astana, Kazakhstan 

May, 2015  –  Light Installation for “Art of You” exhibition, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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